All Kind of Pallet & Packing Material suppliers

Wooden Pallets

Our proficiency as a superior pallet manufacturer and distributor, backed by our commitment to customer support, means that we always have standard wooden pallet sizes in stock. New wood pallets, used wood pallets or reconditioned wood pallets, shipping pallets, warehouse pallets or containment pallets, we can deliver them to you. Our standard pallets are of the highest quality, regularly inspected to ensure that they reliably meet your needs.

Recycle Pallets

Today more focus and importance is being placed on recycling and the environment than ever before. Companies nationwide are spearheading efforts to eliminate any of their waste being hauled to a land fill. Well, we have gone the extra mile to assist companies in their efforts. Throughout our history Vishnu Timbers have been proud to be a 100% "green" company and we continue to maintain our commitment to the environment.

Heat-Treated Pallet

Pallets Unlimited can heat-treat any wood pallet. We also provide fast, same-day service throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island and the Tri-State Area for heat-treating standard size wooden pallets. Our "WoodSave" heat-treating trailer ensures that all of our heat-treated wooden export pallets are in full compliance for overseas shipping, and arrive at your facility with proper certification.

Custom Pallet

Our trained sales staff can visit you at your location and, using our specialized “PDS” computer software program, design a custom pallet that’s a perfect fit for your product transport needs. Our on-site survey and evaluation will help determine exactly what you need. Contact our sales team to make an appointment.

Plastic Pallet

The advantages of plastic pallets include durability, easy cleaning and pallet handling, and resistance to odors. If you’re weighing the advantages of plastic vs wood pallets, and your company ships overseas or ships perishable items, for instance, plastic may be the best choice for you. Our staff will help you review your pallet criteria, so you can make the right decision for your needs.

Pallet Box

Wooden Box made from pine wood, Jungle wood and Plywood from size 0.1 meter to 10 meter or as per require size. With consideration of weight & dimention of material to be pack.

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