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Heat-Treated Pallets

ISPM 15-Compliant Heat-Treated Wood Pallets

If you are an export pallet or overseas shipper, heat-treated wooden pallets are a business necessity. As of March 2002, all solid wood packaging must be heat-treated, or fumigated, before they can be imported into most countries.

Vishnu Timbers can heat-treat any wood pallet. We also provide fast service throughout heat-treating standard size wooden pallets. Our staff ensures that all of our heat-treated wooden export pallets are in full compliance for overseas shipping, and arrive at your facility with proper certification.

We believe that heat-treating is the safest and most reliable way to treat an wood export pallet: These fumigated pallets are very effective at eliminating all insect infestation, and environmentally safe. Contact us for more information on our ISPM 15 Compliant Certified Services.

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